Trail System



The Lawson Nature Reserve, or as it is know locally “The Lawson Tract”, is a 14.71 ha parcel of land rich in biodiversity. There are over 300 plant species as well as numerous amphibians, birds and mammals that call the LNR home. The terrain is varied and features several types of vegetative communities including: mixed hardwood forests, pine and spruce plantations, some open meadow and treed swamp. This area is part of the Ingersoll Moraine and the Salford Swamp. Evidence exists that the property was a small working gravel pit and used as a farm in earlier times.

Trail System Map

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Falconer Trail – 0.4 km

Features: Easy; wood chip base
Utilization: Walking, Snowshoeing, Cross-country skiing

Upon arrival, the Falconer Main Trail leads you into the Lawson Tract and eventually connects you to the other trails. The terrain is fairly level and is suitable for strollers. Just past the Bucknell Wetlands trailhead is the stone cairn noting this woodland/wetland dedication to Dr. Lawson.

Bucknell Wetlands Loop – 0.15 km / Loop to Picnic Site – 0.15 km

Features: Easy; narrow footpath; ground vegetation becomes overgrown in late fall
Utilization: Walking; Pond life viewing

This short trail veers off the Falconer Trail and meanders through a wetland/meadow. It skirts along the edge of a large pond before joining up again to the main trail at a picnic area and another smaller pond.

Edwards Trail – 1.4 Km

Features: Easy; grassy footpath
Utilization:  Walking; Snowshoeing; Cross-country skiing

This north western trail leads visitors through replanted and regenerated areas, past mature stands of spruce, white pines, cedar and soft maples. The trail opens to farmland at the far north where there is a weather shelter.  You’ll travel along the second moraine ridge making this the highest point on the property.

Phillips Trail – 0.4 Km

Features: Moderate; Upper hilly portions may become slippery in wet conditions
Utilization: Walking; Snowshoeing; Cross-country skiing

Starting from the north end at the junction of the Edwards and Falconer trails, you will wander through a mixed forest and old apple orchard. Continuing along the path leads you up and over a hilly moraine, past where an old homestead once stood. The trail descends steeply to the left and brings you to Peepers Pond and a picnic site.

Trail System Transect

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