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To view the IDNC photostream on Flickr, click on the following image:
(these photos are taken in various locations in SW Ontario)



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  1. Hello

    Does a membership include receiving a newsletter? Do you sell hats or a T-shirt for the nature club? I recently moved to the area and I love Lawson Tract Trail so much! It is beautiful, tranquil, and well maintained. It is the best nature trail I have ever seen. It really makes my day!


    • Hi Carol, Sorry for the late reply. Membership includes being on an email list where club updates are shared. We also try to keep our website and facebook page ( updated with club news. We don’t sell T-shirts or hats at this point, but I can mention that to our club president, and see what she says. If you are looking to support our club we sell blank-inside greeting cards to raise funds for the Lawson Reserve – those are available right now at a local gift shop downtown Ingersoll called Patina’s. You can als make a donation, or participate in our “Feed the birds” program (which helps pay for bird seed and suet). Links to these are in our “Get Involved” page of our website.
      We’re so glad to hear that you love the trail! We do too, and so do the volunteers that help maintain it. We’ll look forward to seeing you at some club events if you are inclined to come out to those.

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