Welcome to the IDNC!

Check out our new Activities Calendar

Our Activities Calendar has been updated – with events for the rest of 2021 and into 2022. Download the new Activities Calendar here or check out the full list here.

INGERSOLL DISTICT NATURE CLUB resumes Fall activities!

Welcome back to our members and anyone in the community wishing to join us.  September provides an opportunity to renew our focus on enjoying nature.  Our activities will continue to follow provincial and local government safety regulations for COVID-19, as mandated.  For this reason, car-pooling will not resume at this time.

Saturday, Sept 18 – 9am  LAWSON NATURE RESERVE, 363685 McBeth Rd (south of Ingersoll).  Ontario Nature is organizing a salamander survey and clearing of wild garlic mustard, an invasive species from the property. The morning will also include general maintenance of the Reserve. The natural area of our Reserve has been well used during recent lockdowns and IDNC would appreciate any help from the community to bring it to a better standard for all to enjoy. For more information, contact Peter at 519 425 0429

Sunday, Sept 26 – 2pm  DORCHESTER MILL POND.  Join us for a hike around the pond, which sits in a natural setting of white oak, white pine and maple and offers a home to many different species of birds. The pond itself is inhabited by waterfowl, turtles and bass.  Trail is well maintained.  Meet at the parking lot behind the Ingersoll Arena. For more information, contact Sheila at 519 485 2645

Sunday, Oct 17 – 3 pm. Save the date for our ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING at the Lawson Nature Reserve where we will provide updates and plans for the coming year. Join us for a walk around the Reserve at 3pm, followed by the meeting at 4pm. Snacks will be provided. For more information, contact Peter at 519 425 0429 or www.ingersollnatureclub.com.

Exciting Fall News from the Ingersoll District Nature Club

Club Outings…

Earlier this spring, given the uncertainties of the pandemic, your executive made the decision to postpone all group excursions until September 2021, when we will start our next programming  year with a kick off of our Annual General Meeting – date to be confirmed.  A schedule of walks for the upcoming year will be prepared for the meeting.

Lawson Nature Reserve…

Mark your calendar – tentatively!  Our friends at Ontario Nature hope to join us this September 18th to formalize removal of Garlic Mustard, an invasive species, at the Tract.  This will be followed by salamander training for the individuals who volunteered to participate, and anyone else who is interested.  The date is subject to change based on provincial guidelines at the time.   Ontario Nature is also donating a wooden “brochure box” to replace our existing box at Peeper’s Pond, which is on its last legs.  Workers will be required for the installation.

More information will follow in late August/early September as to the Ontario Nature visit, as well as for plans to remove the remaining stacked boardwalk from the property.  That activity may be scheduled for a separate date.   Ontario Nature was successful with their application for a TD Friends of the Environment Fund.  This also includes funds to reroute the new trail system on Edward’s Trail with the help of Ontario Nature’s contractor, Zane, to whom we have agreed to help with volunteer hours in order to reduce the overall cost.

Other Trails to hike…

Summer is not the best time of year for hiking at the Lawson Nature Reserve, given the excellent breeding grounds for mosquitoes.  There are many other options in Oxford County that may be of interest.  Attached is the summer newsletter from Oxford County Trails Council for your review.  It provides a number of tips and ideas for walking local trails – specifically their beautiful Oxford Thames River Trail, accessed in Beachville.  Well worth a hike, if anyone has not had the opportunity to do so.  Check out www.oxfordcountytrailscouncil.ca to learn more.

We look forward to getting back to all things nature in September… In the meantime, stay safe, enjoy small gatherings, and get out into nature when and as you can!  See you in September!

Great Horned Owl visits Lawson Nature Reserve

Megan Leedham sent the Ingersoll District Nature Club several photos of a Great Horned Owl from our December 2020 bird count. See the photos and learn more about Great Horned Owls here.

The Canadian Bat Box Project

Bats in Canada face multiple threats from habitat loss and disease. As towns and cities expand, the large old trees that bats call home are being cleared, and bats are losing their roosts. Bats need a warm and secure place to roost during the day in the summer. A bat box is a simple and effective way to provide additional roosting habitat for bats, but little is known about bat box use in Canada. 

Learn more about the Canadian Bat Box Project at https://ingersollnatureclub.com/2021/03/01/the-canadian-bat-box-project/

Check out the Oxford County Facebook page

If you would like to chat and share photos regarding nature and conservation in Oxford County, feel free to join Oxford County Nature: https://www.facebook.com/groups/823335008523082

What’s happening in the Nature Network

An update from our friends at Nature Canada. Check out their events and initiatives. Connect to and learn from organizations across Canada engaging communities in discovering, restoring, and defending nature. Read more about it here.

2020 Annual Bird Count – Lawson Nature Reserve

Thanks are extended to the nine club members who participated in this year’s annual Christmas Bird Count, held on December 28, 2020. Read the complete results.

IDNC Sponsors Two at Virtual Youth Summit for Mother Earth

For the fourth year in a row, the Ingersoll District Nature Club enthusiastically sponsored two Ontario youth to participate in the Youth Summit for Mother Earth, organized by Ontario Nature.  The 2020 Summit was held virtually from August 22-September 19, 2020. Read full details at https://ingersollnatureclub.com/2020/12/01/idnc-sponsors-two-at-virtual-youth-summit-for-mother-earth/.

Thanks Again Volunteers

Thanks to the 10 volunteers who came out to clear trails following late November’s wind storm. Read full details at https://ingersollnatureclub.com/2020/12/01/thanks-again-volunteers/.

Message to Minister Steve Clark

Read the letter sent to The Honourable Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, to express opposition to the use of Ministerial Zoning Orders (MZOs) to over-ride policy protections for Provincially Significant Wetlands (PSWs) in Ontario at https://ingersollnatureclub.files.wordpress.com/2020/11/ltr-minister-clark-nov-16-2020-final.pdf

Boardwalk removed, new trail planned at Lawson Nature Reserve: Club

Read the entire story from the Woodstock Sentinel Review at https://www.woodstocksentinelreview.com/news/local-news/boardwalk-removed-new-trail-planned-at-lawson-nature-reserve-club

Project Feederwatch provides crucial citizen science

Read the entire story from the Woodstock Local at https://www.thewoodstocklocal.com/life/project-feederwatch-provides-crucial-citizen-science

Thank you to our volunteers


Thanks to the nine volunteers who helped start the dismantling of the boardwalks at the Lawson Nature Reserve on Saturday, October 31, 2020.

Read more about their efforts at https://ingersollnatureclub.com/2020/11/03/thank-you-to-our-volunteers/

2020 Annual General Meeting ReportIDNC 2020 AGM 2

On the sunny, but brisk, afternoon of October 3, 2020, Ingersoll District Nature Club (IDNC) membership took part in our Annual General Meeting at the Lawson Nature Reserve.

Read complete details at https://ingersollnatureclub.com/2020/10/07/2020-annual-general-meeting-report/

SM-1Over 230 nature organizations across Canada, with the weight of all our supporters behind us, have asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to ensure that nature is an essential part of our economic recovery and a sustainable, healthy future. Join us!https://www.nationalnewswatch.com/2020/07/13/putting-nature-on-the-post-pandemic-reset-button/#.Xwy7PBOSnct

A Message from the President of OPAL

Bryan Smith, President of the Oxford People Against the Landfill, has forwarded us an email regarding the latest developments of the fight against a possible landfill in the Ingersoll area, and what still needs to be done. Read the email here.

Ontario Municipalities to be given right to approve new landfill proposals

With introduction of new legislation, Ingersoll Council’s long effort nears a successful conclusion.

Read the media release from the Town of Ingersoll.

Stop the Dump with Beauty


We are asking people to use the beauty of Oxford to help stop the Dump. Take a photo that showcases beautiful vistas, calming natural features, inspiring wildlife, restorative meadows, shady trees or thorny thickets in our county, add the phrase “This is worth having; Walker’s dump is worth stopping! Please do so!” and email it to Mr. Jeff Yurek, Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks at minister.mecp@ontario.ca

 About the Ingersoll District Nature Club

IDNC naturalist Don Bucknell dispersing Milkweed seeds into the wind, at the Port Rowan Wetlands.

Since 1952, the Ingersoll District Nature Club has maintained an active and friendly nature community in Ingersoll. We welcome newcomers to participate in any and all activities.

Join us in a nature walk or other community activity. Please see our Club Activities for details of our planned hikes and meetings through our programming year. Our group typically meets monthly, in informal gatherings, to enjoy outings in nature areas in and adjacent to Oxford County.

We are interested in the development and preservation of nature in Oxford County, and are formal stewards of the 36 acre (15 ha) Lawson Nature Reserve, south of Ingersoll.

We are involved in:

  • Hiking and enjoying southwestern Ontario’s natural heritage
  • Fostering family events to ensure our children are exposed to local natural attractions
  • Stewarding the Lawson Nature Reserve – invasive species management, hillside restorations, trail maintenance, signage, etc.
  • Encouraging seniors in active living through walks at the Nature Reserve
  • Celebrating Earth Day
  • Advocating on behalf of nature in general

So please, take a look around our site. You can see what we are all about, the activities that we offer, our signature trails and more. If you’re interested in becoming a member, you can click here.

Also please find IDNC articles and content in the OPAL Newsletter published by Oxford People Against the Landfill.

Happy Trails!

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, we would love to hear from you. 

We can be reached…

By e-mail:


By phone: 

Sheila Fleming (519) 485-2645


Wayne Walden (519) 485-4220

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