Welcome to the IDNC!

Nature Club Photo Contest Winners Announced

The Ingersoll District Nature Club is proud to announce the honourees in their third annual Photo Contest. We would like to thank everyone who entered this year’s contest as every entry was worthy and choosing the honourees was a challenge, but an enjoyable one.


Natasha Kellar – Age 11


Ruth Anderson – Age Over 19


Jason Rossignol – Age 15


Walter Pfefferle – Age Over 19 – Honourable Mention

Preventing the Loss of 1.5 Billion Songbirds

Read how the Boreal Songbird Initiative is trying to prevent the loss of 1.5 billion more birds, after similar losses occurred between 1970 and today. http://www.borealbirds.org/blog/preventing-loss-15-billion-more-birds.

Watch for the upcoming free community showing in early 2017 of “The Messenger”, an important documentary on declining bird populations around the world.

Annual General Meeting Held


See more photos and more information on our Recent Events page.


Will climate change affect the breeding of local snapping turtles?

2016 09 14 Snapping Turtles title.jpg

Melanie Massey, University of Toronto researcher, thinks it’s very likely.  On the evening of September 13th, Melanie presented to a sold out crowd of 56 at the Ingersoll Public Library.  Lacking chromosome structures like humans, the gender of snapping turtles is determined by the temperature their embryos grow at below ground.  With an overall rise in temperature by even a couple of degrees, the turtle populations can be affected negatively.  With typically only 1 in 1500 eggs making it to adulthood, this can add to the challenges facing the survival of the species.  For more information, see Melanie’s slide presentation attached. Thanks are extended to Ms. Massey for sharing her research.

Help David Suzuki Stop the War on Wolves

2016 08 17 David Suzuki Wolves

Sign the Monarch Manifesto!

Learn more by clicking the link below.

2016 08 16 Monarch Manifesto

Upcoming IDNC Events

Snapping turtles are large aquatic freshwater reptiles that only live in North America. There are only two species of snapping turtle that still exist, which are the Common Snapping Turtle, which can be found in Oxford  County, and the Alligator Snapping Turtle (found in the southern USA).    Snapping turtles spend nearly all of their lives in water, with typically only nesting females actually venturing onto open land.  Snapping turtles can remain submerged underwater for up to three hours at a time.

September 13 – Snapping Turtles-Can They Survive Global Warming?

September 17 – IDNC Annual General Meeting for our 2016-2017 Programming Year

October 22 – Lyn Valley Trail

November 19 – St. Mary’s Trail

November 27 – Festive Potluck

December 27 – Bird Count

Visit our Activities Calendar for more details.


INDC Visits Rondeau Park

For full details and more photos, visit Our Recent Events page.



The Ingersoll District Nature Club Announces 2016 Photo Contest

The Ingersoll District Nature Club is pleased to announce our 3rd Annual Photo Contest, open to residents of Oxford County, commencing June 1st. This year’s theme is “Go with the Flow in Oxford County“, in celebration of our many waterways, lakes and wetlands and the natural world they support. The focus should be on preservation of our remaining natural resources.

Click here for further details.



2015 Photo Contest Winners!


IDNC naturalist Don Bucknell dispersing Milkweed seeds into the wind, at the Port Rowan Wetlands.

Since 1952, the Ingersoll District Nature Club has maintained an active and friendly nature community in Ingersoll. We welcome newcomers to participate in any and all activities.

Join us in a nature walk or other community activity. Please see our Club Activities for details of our planned hikes and meetings through our 2014-2015 programming year. Our group typically meets monthly, in informal gatherings, to enjoy outings in nature areas in and adjacent to Oxford County.

We are interested in the development and preservation of nature in Oxford County, and are formal stewards of the 36 acre (15 ha) Lawson Nature Reserve, south of Ingersoll.

We are involved in:

  • Hiking and enjoying southwestern Ontario’s natural heritage
  • Fostering family events to ensure our children are exposed to local natural attractions
  • Stewarding the Lawson Nature Reserve – invasive species management, hillside restorations, trail maintenance, signage, etc.
  • Encouraging seniors in active living through walks at the Nature Reserve
  • Celebrating Earth Day
  • Advocating on behalf of nature in general

So please, take a look around our site. You can see what we are all about, the activities that we offer, our signature trails and more. If you’re interested in becoming a member, you can click here.

Also please find IDNC articles and content in the OPAL Newsletter published by Oxford People Against the Landfill.

Happy Trails!


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