Connect to nature

Did you know Canadians spend up to 10 hours on screens a day? Spending less time outdoors means you might be missing out on the health benefits of being in nature. Spending time in green space can improve working memory, cognitive flexibility and attentional control. Even exposure to nature sounds can be recuperative. Take advantage of being in nature today by eating lunch outside, taking a walk or simply enjoying a window view – even feeling connected to nature can improve mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Take Action Today to Save Our Pollinators

In this time of climate change, and loss of habitat, think about supporting this worthy cause…

Nature Canada’s Fund for Reforestation protects and restores Canada’s natural habitats and wildlife, and right now you can double your impact! From now until July 31st your gifts will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $75,000!

Your gift today will:

  • Insisting that the the federal government pick up the pace to plant 2 billion trees in the right places, for the right reasons;
  • Partnering with Indigenous groups to support reforestation plans and Indigenous-led forest management efforts;
  • Provide support for community actions, such as helping nature groups do crucial restoration work in your communities, like planting trees or removing invasive species;
  • Protecting wilderness and wildlife by advocating for new and expanded protected areas and restoration of threatened ecosystems;

Take action right now.

Should we be working 15-hour weeks?

The David Suzuki Foundation asks “Should we be working 15-hour weeks?”

“Along with other benefits like increased vacation time and flexibility, and working from home, shorter workweeks not only give people better lives, they’re also good for the environment. Fewer people commuting means reduced pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion.”

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