Go From Zero to Planet Hero in 2022

The WWF wants to help you do your part in shaping a healthier planet and brighter future for all. They’ve put together a series of 5-week challenges – sent directly to your inbox – that will empower you with simple yet impactful everyday tips to live more sustainably, protect our planet’s habitats, preserve its biodiversity, and fight against climate change! Every action adds up, no matter where you are – and you too can go from Zero to Planet Hero today! Find out more at https://explore.panda.org/zero-to-hero

2021 Annual Bird Count – Lawson Nature Reserve

Thanks are extended to the nine club members who participated in this year’s annual Christmas Bird Count, held on December 28. Sightings of 12 species from the two and a half hour walk are noted below along with count numbers from December 2017 to 2020, for comparison.  There was little activity in the Reserve.  It was 4 degrees above, sunny with minimal wind.  December saw little snow accumulation.

American Goldfinch151093517
Northern Cardinal080139
Dark-Eyed Junco13180736
American Tree Sparrow00001
White-crowned Sparrow01000
Brown Creeper01202
White-breasted Nuthatch469119
Red-breasted Nuthatch  06000
Black-capped Chickadee4425194323
American Crow8010953
Blue Jay8141518
Mourning Dove233111
Canada Geese024 (in-flight)14522
Herring Gull00810
Hairy Woodpecker00010
Downy Woodpecker254129
Red-bellied Woodpecker14534
Pileated Woodpecker  01000
Ducks (unidentified)000150
Red-tailed Hawk00010
Rough Legged Hawk  01000
Harrier Hawk  00100
Coopers Hawk  01 (in flight)100
Starlings  001500
Great Horned Owl  01100
Bald Eagle  00100
Rock Pidgeons  002000
Raven (heard, not seen)  01000
Flicker  10000
Sparrow (Sp)  10000
House Sparrows  30000

Dogs Don’t Understand Social Distancing

Originally posted on the Oxford County Trails Council Facebook page.

BYLAW AMENDED: Due to the high number of dog instances, The Township of South-West Oxford has increased the fines if your dog attacks or bites anyone or another animal to $1000. Please keep your dogs on a leash and pick up after them. Respect the rights of others to enjoy the trail who are not dog people.

Animal Care and Control By-law 76-2017 to establish a set fine in the amount of $1,000 per occurrence if a person fails to prevent their dog from attacking or biting a person or domestic animal. Enforcement staff may issue a ticket to the dog owner if or when an incident occurs. Additional charges may be brought upon the owner as per the provincial Dog Owner’s Liability Act. It is the responsibility of dog owners to ensure their dog remains under their control at all times, and does not bite or attack.</p

Watch Birds Out Your Window and Be Part of Scientific Research

Common Redpolls Photo: Stéphane Giguère, Québec

Source: Birds Canada – article by Kerrie Wilcox, Manager, Project Feederwatch

Did you know that you can connect to nature, learn about backyard birds, and contribute to important scientific research – without leaving your home? You can with Project FeederWatch!

Our backyards are important habitats for birds year-round. To help birds, we need to understand how these habitats and the birds using them are changing over time. Your counts of winter backyard birds tell us which species are doing OK and which ones need our conservation attention.

Read more at https://www.birdscanada.org/watch-birds-out-your-window-and-be-part-of-scientific-research/

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

The first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, as well as Orange Shirt Day, is on Thursday, September 30. Truth and Reconciliation Day is a day dedicated to honour the lost children, residential school survivors, and their families. We at Ingersoll District Nature Club want to acknowledge that Every Child Matters, and we stand in solidarity with our Indigenous communities by helping spread awareness surrounding the tragic history of residential schools.

We encourage everyone to recognize this important day by wearing an orange shirt as a show of support for residential school survivors and to honour those who lost their lives.  We hope members of our local communities take the time to recognize this day, and to reflect on the lives lost and the lives that have been forever changed.

For more information, visit National Day for Truth and Reconciliation – Canada.ca to learn about  Indigenous history in Canada and the reasons behind the need for Truth and Reconciliation and a Call to Action.

Thames Talbot Land Trust to Hold BioBlitz Fundraiser

From the Thames Talbot Land Trust:

Thames Talbot Land Trust is holding a BioBlitz Fundraiser called Out for the Count. The event will collect valuable species data while raising funds for nature! Anyone can participate, from complete beginners to seasoned experts. The event runs for a full 24 hours on September 18, 2021 (12 a.m. to midnight).

Folks can sign up in teams to participate on the event day or people can join one (or more) or the community challenges we are offering this year with or without a team. People can visit a TTLT nature reserve or their favourite spot close to home. We’re also selling t-shirts for $15 that people can pick up and wear for the event!

More information and registration is available on our website: https://www.thamestalbotlandtrust.ca/outforthecount2021

Nature Needs Your Vote

From Nature Canada:

Canada is home to vast forests, bountiful oceans, sprawling grasslands, and a myriad of other ecosystems but the effects of climate change continue to threaten their future. This election, our candidates must commit to a plan that protects and restores the nature we have left before it’s too late.

Now more than ever, we need to make nature a ballot-box issue. Our five-point nature platform provides a breakdown of policy priorities that we believe our next federal government should focus on to ensure a green and promising future for generations to come. 

Read the Nature Platform before you vote.

As Canadians across the country suffer through forest fires, heatwaves, and other signs of severe weather to come, Canada needs an immediate and credible plan to halt and reverse nature loss.

On election day, will you vote for nature? Together, we can elect a government that will uphold environmental protection, social justice, and Indigenous rights for the future of all Canadians. 

Yours for nature, 

Nature Canada 

P.S. Not sure who to vote for? Ask your candidates these five questions to see if they’re truly committed to protecting nature.