Guest Speaker Paul Nicholson: “What’s in my Backyard?”


Paul Nicholson addresses a flock of Ingersoll birders.

February 20th, 2014

Paul Nicholson, the London Free Press columnist who writes, The World Outdoors, gave an entertaining and focused talk about local winter birds to an audience of over forty children and adult ‘birders’ on Thursday at Unifor Hall, here in Ingersoll.  Using images of birds Mr. Nicholson had spotted during his hikes with members of the IDNC, he discussed how the observant and attentive birder can identify species through a variety of clues, such as size, colouring, behaviour, sound, habitat, and time-of-year.  He made it apparent how many beautiful and rare birds are found, “right here, in our own backyards,” that can inspire us.  Paul also reminded his audience that even on the coldest of days, Shirin Yoku (“forest bathing”), helps us maintain a healthy mind and soul.

The evening closed with Mr. Nicholson being made an honourary member of the IDNC.

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