Live, Flying Birds of Prey, and a walk through Lawson in Winter

The IDNC has been busy again, with 2 immensely successful, back-to-back events: Live Flying Birds of Prey (Feb. 18) and Lawson in Winter (Feb. 20th).

Lawson Reserve in Winter – February 20
18 Adults and 6 children joined club naturalist Don Bucknell to learn about the birds and trees at the Lawson Nature Reserve just South of Ingersoll (LNR info). It was an easy walk of about 2 km through mostly woodland. Highlights included spotting a red-bellied woodpecker, and learning the easy way to tell the difference between red and white pines (red have needles in groups of 2 while white have needles in groups of 5). Don also pointed out the many different tree species and what makes their bark unique.

Live, Flying Birds of Prey! – February 18
250 people came to see the  demonstration by the Canadian Raptor Conservatory! A horned owl, harris hawk, red-tailed hawk, and bald eagle were brought to the Unifor Hall and allowed to fly down the aisle, or over the crowd of people!  An in-depth commentary on the natural history, size, prey species, range and the relationship to humans of each bird. We think it’s safe to say that everyone learned something new and fascinating that evening!

To see descriptions of more past events, please visit our Recent Events Page

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