Help the David Suzuki Foundation Help the Butterflies


Give your friends and neighbours butterflies. Imagine your yard or balcony garden in full bloom, alive with fluttering butterflies and buzzing bumblebees…

Now make that vision a reality. Buy wildflower seeds that support pollinators!

Buy wildflower seeds

This year the David Suzuki Foundation has the following seed packet options:

  • Five- or ten-packs of beautiful flowers suitable for Eastern Canada.
  • Five- or ten-packs of bee-friendly beauties for Western Canada.
  • A three-pack of easy-to-grow wildflowers for almost any yard or garden.

Proceeds from seeds you buy will support the Butterflyway Project. You’ll power volunteer Butterfly Rangers creating pollinator pathways in Markham, Montreal, North Vancouver, Richmond, Toronto and Victoria.

Thanks for helping protect pollinators.

P.S. Seed sale continues while supplies last. Get yours before they’re gone!

Learn more about the David Suzuki Foundation here.

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