IDNC Tours Parker Farm

On June 13 , the Ingersoll District Nature Club Meet at the Parker family farm at 7:00 p.m. at 363341 McBeth Road (west) for an informative walk of their field and trail system, led by Terry Parker.  Highlights included bobolink and butterfly viewing opportunities.  The Bobolink is considered a “wide ranging species” and in fact, the Bobolink is one of the world’s most impressive songbird migrants, traveling approximately 20,000 km to and from South America. Throughout its lifetime, it may travel the equivalent of 4 or 5 times around the circumference of the earth.2M7A5225a6 baby ducks2M7A5228a6 spotted sandpiper2M7A5236a6 group2M7A5261a6 Kingbird 12M7A5287a6 song sparrow2M7A5291a6 bobo female 12M7A5325a6 bobo female 22M7A5327a6 bobo pair2M7A5370a62M7A5430a62M7A5465a6

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