Let’s celebrate the Canadian Challenge Fund announcement!



Compiled from an email from Nature Canada

On August 19, 2019, the federal government announced their commitment of 175 million dollars in funding to support the creation of protected areas across Canada, reaffirming their commitment to protecting 17% of lands and inland waters. This is a historic moment for Canada, and for the nature community at large. If you were successful in your application for funding, we’d like to say congratulations!

This moment is an opportunity for the Nature Network to showcase it’s breadth across our country and to encourage our governments to do more to protect nature.  To do that, we are inviting nature organizations to celebrate loudly alongside us by sharing this exciting news with their members and supporters alike. We have created free content that you can use to engage your membership through emails and on social media; to let our politicians know that we are a strong constituency and that we are just getting started in our fight to protect nature!

If you would like to participate in the amplification of this major success for our community, please feel free to access the content provided through our Google Drive link. Every item is logo free and you are able to adapt it to your own specifications.

Let’s show Canada how proud we are of this accomplishment and showcase our passion for nature! #OurNature #doubledandprotected

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