A message from OPAL President

The following message was sent along to us to share from President of the Oxford People Against the Landfill, Bryan Smith on July 8, 2020:

This message is for all OPAL Board members and the members of the boards of our Alliance partners – Transition to Less Waste, the Ingersoll District Nature Club, Oxford Green Watch, the Oxford Coalition for Social Justice, Oxford Environmental Action Committee…. (and feel free to pass this on!)

  1. It has been an exciting afternoon and I suspect you might have heard that today at Queen’s Park, Bill 197, which contains a section (2.3) related to the “demand the right” and thus the dump fight, was read and voted on. It passed first reading. (It needs three readings).
  2. The CBC is already on the story as are or will be other media. Sam Coghlan of OPAL’s Zorra committee passed on the link below. Have a read. Look for updates in other media or in the

ERO number 019-2051 (Goggle will find it as did our ally Suzanne Crellin).



  1. Next steps include the following and more:
    • Marking July 16 at 1:00 pm in your calendar for a gathering in Ingersoll where Ernie Hardeman accompanied by local mayors and some Ministers will announce this part of the bill. Be there. Stay 6 feet away from those who do not share your home, circle or bubble. Even at that distance, wear a mask. (We will try to have some, but much much prefer that you bring and leave with your reusable one.( No garbage means no dump). Chances are that the event will be outdoors, so be prepared for more scorching sun by bringing a parasol, or the alternative, so a slicker.
    • Anti-dump signs would be great at the event and great on your lawn. If you don’t have one for all to see already, contact me by phone 519 456 5270 or reply by email.
    • Continuing your conversations with Zorra residents and Councillors, SouthWest Oxford residents and Councillors and Ingersoll residents and Councillors about all the reasons why they should resoundingly reject Walker’s dump plan
    • Thanking all who have helped to get us this far.
    • Encouraging Ministers Yurek and Hardeman to persuade all MPPs at Queen’s Park to pass Bill 197 through second and third readings with the provisions around the right to say “No” all intact in the bill.
    • Telling people who ask “Where should it go?” to have a look at CBC’s Gem’s “Good People” episode 5 which has some very beautiful landscapes (and their opposite) in Zorra and some very practical solutions.
    • Taking deep breath, realizing that this has been an almost 9 year battle during which we have gained strength with every passing day, and preparing to encourage all decision-makers to say “No” to Walker’s dump.


Thank you. It’s not over, but this is major progress!


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