The Bird Friendly City campaign is also seeking new partners – together we’re stronger!

Bird Friendly City is a national campaign, led by Nature Canada, which aims to create safer conditions in cities and towns across Canada for our bird populations by focusing on three main aspects: addressing and mitigating threats, restoring and protecting natural habitat, and conducting outreach, education and public mobilization.

We have developed a list of actions that aim to address all the threats birds face in our urban environments, as well as a certification standard to assess the bird friendliness of a city! 

To ensure that we are working towards improving conditions for birds, and by extension nature, we are partnering with local nature groups and developing coalitions (bird teams) to turn our cities into Bird Friendly Cities. 

We are aiming to certify at least 30 eligible cities as Bird Friendly Cities by World Migratory Bird Day 2022! 

Interested in working with us and making your city safer for birds? We would love to hear from you! Reach out to Aly Hyder Ali, Urban Nature Organizer at

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