What’s Happening in the Nature Network

Connect to and learn from organizations across Canada engaging communities in discovering, restoring, and defending nature. Keep scrolling to get inspired by initiatives happening on the ground. Thank you for being a part of the movement!  

Connecting to Nature through Art

One thing we have certainly come to appreciate this past year during COVID-19 is the value of nature in our neighbourhoods: our NatureHoods. Both Nature Canada’s NatureHood program and Bateman Foundation’s Nature Sketch program are built on connecting people to nature. Our partners at Bateman Foundation have written a guest blog all about connecting with nature through art, and provided access to a number of free useful educational resources, great for homeschooling folks, educators, adults and children alike! 

Studies have shown that reconnecting with nature can help lift depression, improve energy, and boost overall well-being and mental health. Sketching nature has its own benefits; promoting knowledge, understanding, and connection to the environment, and the act itself is a mindful one: taking the time to stop, look and sketch can be a useful tool for managing anxiety and depression. 

Given the benefits reaped from nature, it is of the utmost importance that the nature community collectively continues to acknowledge, understand, and act on the barriers to nature experienced by racialized, and marginalized communities.

Read more and access resources here.

Webinar: Understanding and advancing nature-based climate solutions in your community

Nature Canada is hosting a webinar with the Sustainability Network on March 4th at 2pm EST about Nature-based climate solutions at the community level. Participants will learn about ways nature-based climate solutions can be incorporated into climate plans, and how to advocate for their inclusion. We will discuss how local groups can get involved in the implementation of nature-based climate solutions in their communities. In addition, we will create a space to provide feedback on these ideas, and discuss the opportunities and challenges to advancing nature-based climate solutions in their local communities.

Register for free now.

Bird Friendly City: A conversation with Jesse Hildebrand

Recently, Nature Canada’s Urban Nature Organizer, Aly Hyder Ali sat down with Jesse Hildebrand, lead for the Conservation Stories Canada project to talk about Nature Canada’s Bird Friendly City certification program. Check out the link below to learn more about the launch of the program, and urban conservation in Canadian cities.

Learn more about Nature Canada’s Bird Friendly City program, and if you are interested in making your city a Bird Friendly City, reach out to the Bird Friendly City program coordinator: Aly Hyder Ali AHyderAli@naturecanada.ca.

Learning to See: Identifying Trees from Bark to Bud 

Here is some eye candy for all you forest lovers out there! Check out this video to learn how to identify trees from their bark. Cameos appearances will be made by the white, chestnut, and red oaks, the American Beech, Wild Cherry, and the Shagbark Hickory. This is a great video to watch as we get excited for the federal 2 Billion Tree program. Although it is still early days of the program roll-out, this is a good time to be asking whether your municipality knows about the program, and if they are planning on participating. If you want to ask these questions we would love to hear from you! Please fill in the form so we can get in touch. 

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