Nature Needs Your Vote

From Nature Canada:

Canada is home to vast forests, bountiful oceans, sprawling grasslands, and a myriad of other ecosystems but the effects of climate change continue to threaten their future. This election, our candidates must commit to a plan that protects and restores the nature we have left before it’s too late.

Now more than ever, we need to make nature a ballot-box issue. Our five-point nature platform provides a breakdown of policy priorities that we believe our next federal government should focus on to ensure a green and promising future for generations to come. 

Read the Nature Platform before you vote.

As Canadians across the country suffer through forest fires, heatwaves, and other signs of severe weather to come, Canada needs an immediate and credible plan to halt and reverse nature loss.

On election day, will you vote for nature? Together, we can elect a government that will uphold environmental protection, social justice, and Indigenous rights for the future of all Canadians. 

Yours for nature, 

Nature Canada 

P.S. Not sure who to vote for? Ask your candidates these five questions to see if they’re truly committed to protecting nature. 

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