2021 Annual Bird Count – Lawson Nature Reserve

Thanks are extended to the nine club members who participated in this year’s annual Christmas Bird Count, held on December 28. Sightings of 12 species from the two and a half hour walk are noted below along with count numbers from December 2017 to 2020, for comparison.  There was little activity in the Reserve.  It was 4 degrees above, sunny with minimal wind.  December saw little snow accumulation.

American Goldfinch151093517
Northern Cardinal080139
Dark-Eyed Junco13180736
American Tree Sparrow00001
White-crowned Sparrow01000
Brown Creeper01202
White-breasted Nuthatch469119
Red-breasted Nuthatch  06000
Black-capped Chickadee4425194323
American Crow8010953
Blue Jay8141518
Mourning Dove233111
Canada Geese024 (in-flight)14522
Herring Gull00810
Hairy Woodpecker00010
Downy Woodpecker254129
Red-bellied Woodpecker14534
Pileated Woodpecker  01000
Ducks (unidentified)000150
Red-tailed Hawk00010
Rough Legged Hawk  01000
Harrier Hawk  00100
Coopers Hawk  01 (in flight)100
Starlings  001500
Great Horned Owl  01100
Bald Eagle  00100
Rock Pidgeons  002000
Raven (heard, not seen)  01000
Flicker  10000
Sparrow (Sp)  10000
House Sparrows  30000

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