The Upcoming Municipal Election Matters

From Ontario Nature:

On October 24th, Ontarians will return to the polls to vote for their municipal leaders. The mayors and councillors elected will play a vital role in ensuring a healthy, sustainable future for our communities.

Please keep nature, farmland and climate change top of mind when you cast your ballot. Here’s why:
1. Municipal governments set the direction for protecting natural areas and systems in our communities.
2. Municipal leaders can prevent sprawl and preserve farmland by freezing urban boundary expansion and embracing smart growth.
3. Municipal leaders can increase housing supply and affordability by updating zoning rules to promote infill development and gentle density.
4. Municipal leaders must recognize that investing in the protection of natural areas and farmland makes economic sense.
5. Municipal governments can take action to address the climate emergency.

With the right people at the helm, we can move towards sustainable communities.

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Read our latest blog to find out how you can vote for leaders who are prepared to be responsible custodians of our long-term future.

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