From Ontario Nature: Sprawl for all – anytime, anywhere? Hard no!

From Ontario Nature:

In keeping with many recent law and policy changes that facilitate sprawl development, the provincial government is now proposing to replace the Provincial Policy Statement, 2020 (PPS) and the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (Growth Plan) with a new Provincial Planning Statement (ERO #019-6813).

The government is abandoning its long-standing policy commitment to promote compact, transit-friendly development and prevent sprawl. Instead, the new policy thrust is to allow scattered residential lots and subdivisions anytime and anywhere, including on prime agricultural land.

The government’s underlying premise, that more land is needed for housing development outside existing settlement boundaries, is demonstrably false.

Please join Ontario Nature in opposing these changes. Ask the Government of Ontario to retain all PPS and Growth Plan policies designed to curb sprawl and protect farmland and natural areas.

The deadline for public comment through the Environmental Registry of Ontario is June 5, 2023.

Learn more at:

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