Master Naturalist Program

Calling all nature enthusiasts! Join Ontario Nature this summer for the Ontario Master Naturalist Certificate Program from June 9th – Aug 11th.

Enhance your identification skills, improve your knowledge of Ontario plants and wildlife, and learn more about environmental stewardship in this community-based education program. Lakehead University’s Office of Community Engagement and Lifelong Learning

Who’s Singing? Merlin Bird ID can tell you

From Cornell Lab of Ornithology:

Merlin Bird ID just got even better with a new & improved Sound ID model! PLUS we’ve added support for 250 species in Europe, like this Dartford Warbler! Available for Android and iOS devices for free, Merlin helps you ID birds using photos, sounds, or by answering 5 simple questions: (If you already have Merlin on your phone, just update the app to get the new features.)

The Ontario Greenbelt

Flowing through our communities are pockets of tranquility that hold more life than meets the eye – the Greenbelt protected urban rivers valleys.

River valleys act as a migratory route for monarch #butterflies and numerous song #birds and provide habitat to critical species like brook trout.

Whether you want to learn more about these waterways, take a walk along them, or get involved in helping to protect them, we’ve got the perfect resource for you: #GreenbeltBio

The Bird-Friendly London Migration Festival

Join the London Public Library for three very birdy presentations at the Bird-Friendly London Migration Festival kick-off event on May 5. David Rodenhiser will talk about bird photography, Tim Hain will share the ways that citizen science is used by professional scientists, and Aranya Iyer will speak about avian navigation and how birding intersects with social media, community and loneliness.

This event takes place at the Wolf Performance Hall at Central Library. Registration is not required. Seating will be in order of arrival. Doors open at 6:30pm.

This program is a partnership with Nature London – McIlwraith Field Naturalists of London Canada, City of London, Ontario – Municipal Government and London Public Library.

Why Garden For Birds – Episode 1

Take your love of birds to the next level by creating habitat in your yard or garden that provides life-saving resources for birds throughout the year. Gardening is an excellent way to ensure that outdoor spaces, whether large or small, help wildlife. Many North American bird species are in decline due to habitat loss and degradation, among other global threats. You can help! Find out how by watching this video from Birds Canada.