Visit to Meadowlily Nature Preserve – September 28

Come walk with us – on a guided tour of Meadowlily Nature Preserve on the morning of Saturday, September 28th.  Located within the City of London, on the south side of the Thames River between Highbury and Meadowlily Road, this 14.5 acre site is comprised of floodplain, open meadow and upland forest. It is an Environmentally Significant Area (ESA) and is stewarded by the Thames Talbot Land Trust.  Local Ingersoll members will carpool at 9:15 from the Municipal Parking Lot behind the arena.  Tour time is 10:00 a.m.  For more information, call Wayne or Meg at 519-485-4220.

Why ‘Adopt-A-Wild Bird’?

People love feeding birds; everyday many fill their bird feeders in their back yards so they can watch from afar.

We wanted to provide that same service for the wild birds that frequent the Lawson Nature Reserve, giving visitors an opportunity to ‘Adopt-A-Wild Bird’. This is a simple concept, which goes to help a great numbre of birds who are seeking a snack. Sound like something you would be interested in? Allow us to continue…

All you need to do is forward a cheque addressed to:

Ingersoll District Nature Club

c/o Lana Graham, Club Treasurer

255 Mutual Street, Ingersoll, ON  N5C 2A9

You can spend $15 dollars (for a specific bird), or you can spend $100 and feed the entire flock of wild birds. You can choose which kind of birds you wish to feed –  are you partial to blue jays? mourning doves? chickadees? Well they’re all options, and you can make sure that they spend the day on a full stomach!

Not only does adopting wild birds bring with it a whole host of new friends, it also helps support our mission of keeping the Reserve as beautiful and entertaining as it can be. That way, our birds continue to fly, eat, and rest safely within our woodlands.